5 Gorgeous Pool Decking Trends You Need to Know About

Amidst record temperatures, pools are a great way to cool off. They are fantastic for recreation, fun, and relaxation in the sun. However, they also serve aesthetic purposes in addition to functional ones.

In short, a great-looking pool can complement an area in which you and your family and friends spend so much time. There a lot of options of how to make this happen, but this can make choosing the right pool deck feel overwhelming.

The good news is that once you know what’s available, you can make a more informed decision. Below are five gorgeous pool decking trends to consider. They will give you some ideas of what is possible for your outdoor living space.

1. Multi-Levels Decks

Multi-level pool decks have grown in popularity for several reasons. They are both visually attractive and offer distinct zones for activities.

This means you can naturally separate cooking from the dining, lounging, and/or area for the kids to play. It allows you to get the most out of your pool deck area (beyond merely having a space for people to enter and exit the pool).

2. Infinity Pool Decks

Not that long ago, infinity pool decks were only seen in high-end resorts. They also are most common in pools that have an ocean view, since they eliminate the divide between the pool’s waters and those beyond (hence the name).

But infinity pools are growing in popularity with non-open-water-facing backyards. This is because they combine luxury with a simple aesthetic, but are also much easier to maintain, as their filtration systems constantly circulate water. 

3. Wood Decks

There are some good reasons that wood is the go-to material for decks of all kinds. For starters, it is waterproof and lasts a long time. Composite also offers a more durable alternative.

Wood offers a classic appearance that never goes out of style, and you can stain it in different colors to produce a luxurious appearance.

4. Natural Stone Decks

Natural stone is another great pool decking option. It provides the durability of concrete with a distinct look. It affords the ability to implement different patterns that will make your pool look unique. Stone is also resistant to salt, which makes it a popular choice for homes near the ocean.

5. Classic Coatings (With a Twist)

There is a reason that paved decking is still the most popular option for pool decks nationwide. It offers superior durability and no-slip qualities. Concrete also conceals damage extremely well (such as minor chips).

If you are intent on developing a distinct appearance for your pool area, you may have overlooked classic concrete decking. Today, there are many different finish options that allow you to completely customize the surface of your pool deck. A reputable installer will be able to recommend options that let you combine the most popular qualities of concrete with a completely personalized pool design for your taste.

Learn More About Pool Decking Options

Now that you have some ideas of how to make your pool decking look fantastic, you can move forward with your project. An experienced decking company can further advise you on the best options based on your personal taste and budget.

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